• Emirati diplomat to AP: 'Nothing to negotiate' with Qatar

    Emirati diplomat to AP: 'Nothing to negotiate' with Qatar

    Speaking to the AP from a Foreign Ministry office in Dubai, Gargash listed a number of terror groups he alleged Qatar had funded, including al-Qaida's branches in Syria and Somalia, militants in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula and other group's with "al-Qaida-type organizations" in Libya.

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  • Turkey's Tayyip Erdogan Criticizes Qatar Sanctions

    Turkey's Tayyip Erdogan Criticizes Qatar Sanctions

    Both pieces of legislation, which were in the pipeline before the recent diplomatic crisis between Doha and other Arab states kicked off, are expected to be approved by parliament on Wednesday. A group of Turkish citizens on Wednesday took to Istanbul's Taksim Square to protest Qatar's isolation in the face of several states in the Arab world severing ties with Doha.

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  • US forces join Philippine troops to end city siege

    US forces join Philippine troops to end city siege

    Twelve other Marines were killed during Friday's skirmishes, Herrera said. "Initial reports indicate that the fierce firefight ensued when the Marines assaulted the reported enemy position at around 3:30 a.m. On Friday, police also arrested the mother of the Maute brothers, the two men leading the fighters in Marawi City. President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law on the entire island of Mindanao within hours of thefirst shots.

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  • House GOP backs bill to undo much of Dodd-Frank

    Critics of Dodd-Frank contend it stifled economic growth. The overhaul bill targets the heart of the Dodd-Frank law's restrictions on banks by offering a trade-off: Banks could qualify for most of the regulatory relief in the bill so long as they meet a strict requirement for building capital to cover unexpected big losses.

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  • Samsung unveils seriously wide monitor for $1500

    Samsung unveils seriously wide monitor for $1500

    This new monitor has an aspect ratio of 32:9, which compares to the 16:9 aspect ratio of a standard monitor and the 21:9 aspect ratio of an ultra-wide monitor, Business Insider reported. As a result, gamers can enjoy a smooth, plug-and-play, low-latency HDR gaming experience without having to frequently readjust software or monitor settings.

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  • Taylor Swift to Spotify: You belong with me

    Some tweeters were upset that Swift's re-released music was stealing Perry's thunder. @jasmynexv wrote: " Taylor Swift putting her music back on Spotify because Katy Perry is releasing her album tonight is the level of petty I aspire to be".

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  • Uber fires executive who obtained Indian rape victims

    Uber fires executive who obtained Indian rape victims

    And in a recent interview with USA TODAY, Uber HR boss Liane Hornsey suggested that sexual harassment was not among the company's top issues, adding that employee morale and compensation were the major concerns. It's not clear if Uber continues to have a copy. In December 2014, an Uber driver named Shiv Kumar Yadav accepted a ride request by a woman in New Delhi .

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  • Alleged Russian hack reveals a deeply flawed election system

    During the search, victor surprisingly agreed to talk with agents. Was there some way that The Intercept could have hidden Winner's identity? Merrill's comments contradict an unsigned top secret NSA document that was pilfered by Reality Winner, a 25-year old private-sector contract employee.

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  • Pro-Syria regime drone shot down after it fires on coalition

    MQ-1 Predator, was considered a direct threat and a manned U.S. aircraft shot it down. "The US knows very well that the blood of Syrians, the Syrian army and its allies is not cheap, and that we are capable to hit their points of gathering in Syria and the neighboring countries at the right circumstances", the Joint Command Center threatened.

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  • Christopher Wray - a Safe Choice for Trump

    Christopher Wray - a Safe Choice for Trump

    He was New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's personal attorney during the fallout of a scandal in which the governor's allies were ultimately convicted of delaying trafficat the George Washington Bridge in 2013 in retaliation against a Democratic mayor.

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  • Actress Mamta Kulkarni declared a proclaimed offender

    Actress Mamta Kulkarni declared a proclaimed offender

    While on March 27 , 2017, Non bailable warrant was issued by the Thane sessions court against Kulkarni and the worldwide drug lord, Vicky Goswami. "I have never engaged in any act contrary to the principles of Indian statutes and am a victim of high-handedness, crude, unprofessional and unethical conspiracy by the officers of the US's Drug Enforcement Administration and the Thane police", she said in her plea to the two Union ministers.

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  • Hawaii enacts laws adopting Paris climate deal pledges

    Hawaii enacts laws adopting Paris climate deal pledges

    Hawaii is joined by many other USA states and localities to declare that the Paris agreement would be honoured, with many governors and mayors signing executive orders or pledging to continue the fight. "As an island state, we are especially aware of the limits of our natural environment". Ige also signed Act 33 (House Bill 1578) on Tuesday, which creates a Carbon Farming Task Force to identify agricultural and aquaculture practices aimed at better carbon sequestration.

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  • Existing climate efforts expected to keep US goals on track

    The effort is led by philanthropist and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. It also creates a commission to establish strategies to combat climate change and develop plans to manage the impact of rising sea levels. If nothing else, it conveyed the message the United States was committed to its rhetoric in being a global leader in climate change mitigation. While Chinese and European officials have indicated that they view Trump's decision as separate from the rest of ...

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  • Special Legislative Session Highlights K-12 Funding

    Special Legislative Session Highlights K-12 Funding

    Other UNF projects that are waiting for approval in the state budget is the Science & Engineering Building renovations ($6.4 million), the Advanced Manufacturing & Materials Innovation ($855,000) and the Jax Bridges Competitive Small Business Initiative ($350,000).

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  • President Trump: private air traffic control

    American Airlines Group Inc ., the world's largest carrier, said it looked forward to working with the Trump administration "to make air travel cleaner, safer and more efficient". This will be an uphill battle for the president since the plan has to pass through Congress. It is unclear if privatization would speed the rollout of new systems such as satellite-based aircraft tracking that replaces ground radar dating back to World War II.

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