Bump fire stocks found on Las Vegas shooter's guns

"That's how close it came to me", Feinstein said Wednesday, as she unveiled the bill that would ban devices that can effectively convert legal semi-automatic rifles into fully automatic weapons. Now, the bump stock - an accessory many people had never heard of before Sunday - is at the center of our country's gun debate. "I'm not an expert on bump stocks, [but] all things that make America safer and don't infringe on the Second Amendment, count me in", Graham said. Fully automatic weapons have been banned for years. The so-called "bump stocks" can be purchased online for less than $200. It can reportedly allow a gun to shoot hundred of rounds per minute.

"In 2010, the ATF declared that bump stocks were compliant with the law", he continued, "and the question is, take a look again and tell us if they're technically compliant, or even compliant with the spirit of the law".

On Thursday the powerful gun lobby called on regulators to determine whether the bump-stock devices comply with federal law.

For days, the National Rifle Association has remained silent, until releasing its statement on Thursday night.

Lesser plans to introduce legislation banning bump stocks and he's hoping for bipartisan support. This firing rate inconsistency is different from an automatic rifle, but could be explained by the use of a bump fire stock.

Investigators in Nevada are looking into how the Las Vegas shooter was able to fire his weapons so quickly, and some reports point to relatively cheap - and legal - rifle accessories.

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Semi-automatic guns are lethal enough.

"We'd like to be a part of that conversation", she said.

It was an unusual move for an organization that has made a habit of opposing any and all new restrictions on gun rights, and one likely to increase momentum on Capitol Hill for legislative action to crack down on bump stocks, especially among Republicans. And, after assassination of Las Vegas, was first prepared for a concession.

"We're all sitting in our living rooms with tears streaming down our face, but I think we need to be getting off the couch, coming to rallies like this, vigils like this, calling our representatives", Sonya Lewis said.

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