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Netanyahu: Israel Won't Accept 'Fake Reconciliation' Between Hamas Terrorists and Fatah

The Director of the Egyptian General Intelligence, Khalid Fawzi officially informed Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas that negotiations about the file about Hamas Military Wing (The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades) weapons in the Gaza Strip wont happen before addressing all the files of reconciliation, doing the elections and finding a political solution for the Palestinian cause, according to media sources.

Meanwhile, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the Palestinian unity government, saying that the state "won't accept reconciliation at the expense of Israel's existence".

The Hamas leader added: "We want a government to dominate the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and carry out its work without any interference from anyone".

"Economic growth in Gaza Strip will boost the Palestinian economy as a whole", Hamdallah said in the meeting also attended by a number of cabinet ministers.

Hania asserted during the interview with the privately-owned TV channel On Live, that his movement is paying great attention to the national security of Egypt because it is also considered as the national security of Palestine.

On Monday, he met with senior Hamas figures, including leader Ismail Haniya.

Mahmud warned that a full reconciliation deal would take time.

The disarmament dispute came after the authority's Cabinet held a meeting in Gaza and Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sissi hailed the effort at Palestinian reconciliation as a harbinger of Middle East peace.

Hamas called for the measures to be ended immediately as a show of good will.

Bennett said that three conditions would be set as conditions for continuing to transfer funds to the PA, including the return of two bodies of Israeli soldiers killed in the 2014 war on Gaza.

The United States and the European Union blacklist Hamas as a terrorist organisation, complicating the formation of any potential unity government.

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