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By electing Henry Bolton Ukip has pulled back from the brink

Henry Bolton has been elected UKIP leader - the party's fourth in just over a year.

"She's a former Labour candidate but her extreme views on Islam and the campaign against Sharia law would have taken Ukip in the wrong direction".

Former Ukip leader Nigel described Mr Bolton as a "a guy of achievement and a man of substance".

Phil Hornby spent the day on the English Riviera, and watched the build-up to an unexpected result.

Peter Whittle and Anne Marie Waters were strong favourites to win the contest.

A complete unknown who previously stood as a candidate for the Liberal Democrats has been elected as leader of UKIP, beating a strong challenge from far-right anti-Islam activist Anne Marie Waters.

The Ukip MEP and LBC presenter also said he wanted Ms Waters to quit the party, after she finished second in the election held at the party's conference in Torquay on Friday.

UKIP should not become a one-issue party centred around Islam, the party's leader in the Welsh Assembly Neil Hamilton has said.

He promised to pressure the government into a hard Brexit. "However, it is not the end of the line for us".

Henry Bolton has been named as the successor to Paul Nuttall as the new leader of UKIP.

Bolton, a former soldier and Thames Valley police officer, later worked for organisations such as the United Nations and Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe in Kosovo and other countries.

"While Brexit is our core task, that greater goal which is ongoing beyond the time that we leave the European Union, that is our core objective", he told the conference.

Asked at a press conference after the result was announced whether this made him an "establishment mole", Bolton said his background made him ready for the job.

"I would call on all of you, whether you voted for me or not, to please rally around the party and be united because without being united, we can not lead and hold the government to account and achieve our core objective". She resigned after just 18 days in the post, saying she could not work with the party hierarchy.

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