Tom Cruise denies wearing fake bum in 2008 film 'Valkyrie'

Annabelle Wallis, who starred alongside Cruise in The Mummy, told TMZ: "I think it's all quite real".

In a new interview with Screen Rant, Cruise laughed off the rumors denying wearing any prosthetic.

"There was no prosthetic in 'Valkyrie, '" Cruise claimed.

Hmm... but he didn't say there was no CGI butt enhancement!

"I do my own mooning in films", he added. "So let it be known - I do my own mooning!"

It's Tom Cruise's big butt and he can not lie.

Tom Cruise is a real-life action hero on the set of his movies - but his ass is even realer. according to one of his co-stars. A prosthetic. It's become known as the "stunt butt theory", and now Cruise is dealing with this unusual entry into the cultural zeitgeist as he does press for his thrilling drug running film American Made. Cruise famously does all of his own stunts, so it would be highly probable and appropriate for Cruise to employ padded trousers in order to protect his million dollar bum. This is 2017. Asses are in.

Tom Cruise is baffled by rumours suggesting he donned a prosthetic butt for revealing scenes in his 2008 drama Valkyrie, assuring fans he does his own movie "mooning". It is a fake butt.

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