These Awesome Wired Nintendo Switch Controllers Are Coming To Australia

In fact, with the 32 Gb (about 26 Gb in reality), the Nintendo Switch has less memory than most modern smartphones, not to mention the PS4 and Xbox One, which now display a hard drive of 500 Gb or 1 Tb depending on the version. During Variety's Entertainment and Technology Summit, Fils-Aime was on hand to discuss the company's goal of reaching 10 million units by the end of the year. Fils-Aime continued. "That's what we are focused on". In fact, Switch sales in Japan have been growing ever since its launch, according to Goyal.

Despite promising to ramp up production of the Switch in the lead up to the holiday season, Nintendo said it could not confirm whether there will be enough stock to meet demand.

Nintendo and Western Digital Corporation have formed a global partnership to create Nintendo-licensed memory cards for use in Nintendo Switch video game systems.

ARMS is available for Nintendo Switch.

With Fils-Aime seemingly uncertain on the supply of the Nintendo Switch console this holiday season, the possibility of a stock shortage seems to be pretty high. Asked whether Nintendo may eventually also partner on movies or TV shows, Fils-Aime said: "All of those options are potentially on the table". The company is also preparing the release of "Super Mario Odyssey," which is scheduled to launch on October 27. Augmented reality game Pokemon Go, in which Nintendo holds a stake, has also been a roaring success. Plus, there's a Splatoon 2 download code, so you'll be playing turf battles straight out of the box. Baseball 17 and Lego Worlds that were released earlier this week.

Last year, Nintendo had a big problem in the form of a Wii U it simply could not get people to buy, and eventually had to give up on the platform. On September 12, the acclaimed title Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition will arrive on the Switch.

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