Bill Cosby accuser tells sex assault trial there was no prior romance

Grilling Bill Cosby's sexual-assault accuser in her second day on the stand, defense counsel worked Wednesday to undermine Andrea Constand's credibility.

Initially, Constand told police that she did not contact Cosby after the alleged assault, but phone records proved that she had been in contact with Cosby over the phone, the Inquirer reported. "I think, partly, what you're saying is true", she finally said. "He made a pass at me".

"You allowed him to touch you?" Agrusa asked her pointedly.

"No", Constand fired back. If a team of lawyers were to deploy the same strategies against me that they have against Constand and Kelly Johnson-who both say that Cosby drugged them and then used them like warm corpses while they couldn't speak or move-I suspect that the jury would have some issues.

Comedian Bill Cosby received support from another former co-star as he arrived at court for the third day of his sex assault trial on Wednesday (07Jun17).

Later, in an attempt to establish their romantic past, Agrusa highlighted Constand's account of a fireside dinner at Cosby's home with brandy and wine in which she told police he placed his hand on her thigh.

After giving chilling description about her physical encounter with the legendary comedian at his Philadelphian mansion in late January or early February of 2004, the former basketball player battled against the defence attorneys of the actor on Wednesday, June 7. After Constand's testimony on Tuesday, Cosby shouted his famous Fat Albert catchphrase "Hey, hey, hey" to bystanders. "I sound like a perverted person, '" Gianna Constand said, noting that Cosby kept calling her "Mom".

"On balance", he said of Constand's testimony across the two days, "her presentation was effective and convincing, but not without some chinks in the armor". "Morning, noon and night".

Andrea Constand broke 12 years of silence Tuesday, publicly testifying at Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Moments before Constand left the witness stand, Fedden sought to emphasize one point.

The next time she visited Mr Cosby's home, to discuss her future with the women's basketball team, she said the pills Mr Cosby gave her left her incapacitated as he grabbed her breast and touched her genitals.

"It doesn't matter", she said in response to another question, accusing the lawyer of trying to test her memory with "irrelevant things". "I don't give out my number and I never answer it anyway".

But Constand said she had rebuffed Cosby's "suggestive" passes, once when he put his hand on her thigh and another time when he put his finger on her trousers and tried to unzip them.

"But didn't you change your hair and makeup for him?"

At times, Agrusa stumbled over dates and details in her questions, confusing July for January, and "Canadian police" for the department in Cheltenham Township, where Cosby's home is situated, prompting a prosecutor to ask for clarification.

"I wanted him to stop", she told the jury.

Agrusa noted that before they went to police, however, Constand's mother in Canada called a guidance counselor at Philadelphia Central High School to confirm the date of the dinner. Constand's case is the only one in which Cosby has been charged.

"I felt really humiliated and I was really confused", Constand said, wiping tears from her eyes.

Andrea Constand's livid mother, Gianna, called Cosby in 2005 just after her daughter told her, "Mom, he drugged and raped me" the year before.

"You called him on Valentine's Day", Agrusa said.

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